24-25 october 2013 :
Success for the IMS Workshop! (Bordeaux)

On October 24-25, Bordeaux organized a workshop on Ion Mobility Spectrometry.

The meeting attracted about fifty visitors from Lisbon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Santiago and Valencia, to hear about this new technique and the different types of instrumentation commercially available.

They could explore the wide range of applications: from separation of complex mixture analysis (e.g., pharmaceutical analysis, separation of components of wine, analysis of larger numbers of peptides in proteomics applications) to characterization of these molecules based on the ion mobility data.


During this workshop they had the opportunity to hear presentations of internationnally renowned speakers:

Pr. Stephen VALENTINE, West Virginia University, USA

Pr. Colin CREASER, University of Loughborough, UK

Dr. George STAFFORD, Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, USA

Pr. Franck SOBOTT, University of Antwerp, Belgium

A great success!

Download the program