6-7 november 2014 :
Galicia organized the last TRANSBIO SUDOE workshop on rupture technologies (Galicia)

On November 6-7, Santiago de Compostela organized the last TRANSBIO SUDOE workshop on rupture technologies :


The meeting, dedicated to Molecular Imaging and that went on for 2 days, attracted more than eighty scientist from France, Spain and Portugal.

Coming from the biological and medical sectors, the attendees greatly appreciated to hear high level presentations on medical chemistry, mathematics applied to image analysis and image acquisition/generation hardware.

In particular they could have heard the presentation of José Luis Mascareñas, recently awarded an ERC Grant for his research program and Scientific Director of Center for Research in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Materials (the CIQUS:, on :

“Synthetic constructs for biomolecular binding and imaging”.

The workshop generated interactions between some participating research teams, and reinforced the existing idea that Molecular and Functional Imaging is a key topic and a strength in the SUDOE area, particularly in the field of drug development.

Hopefully several collaborations could arise from this event. We will closely monitor this progress !


Event website: