23-26 september 2014 :
One of the largest biotech event in the world was held in Santiago de Compostela ! (Galicia)

The 2014 edition of BIOSPAIN, one of the largest biotech event in the world, was organized in Galicia last September, 24th-26th.

On that occasion, Campus Vida organized a Workshop and a Field Study on New Tools for Creation and Development of New Companies in Santiago de Compostela the day before, on September 23rd. A perfect timing for TRANSBIO SUDOE to both set up a meeting and exhibit on BIOSPAIN to promote the Project as a reference cluster in the international biotechnology map.

The TRANSBIO SUDOE booth have been visited by many institutions, companies and organisations to make contacts with TRANSBIO partners and to know the activities carried out by the project.

TRANSBIO SUDOE members have also had the opportunity to meet the Spanish Health Minister, Ana Mato, and the Regional President of Galicia, Alberto Nuñez Feijoo who have visited the TRANSBIO booth and show great interest in this initiative.