6-11 july 2014 :
SSM6, a successful and fruitful event (Barcelona)








The summerschool on medicine held in Barcelona from 6-11 july 2014 has attracted 49 participants from nearly all TRANSBIO regions plus Montreal (6 from Montréal, 6 from Toulouse, 1 from Lisbon, 1 from Madrid, 7 from Galicia, 4 from Valencia, 3 from Balearic Islands, 21 from Catalonia).

Participants were from companies, universities and entities related to the pharmaceutical sector. Of these the majority were PhD students (25) but among the attendies were post-docs (10), master students (2), graduate students (7), and staff members of companies (5). Their interests and skills were rather varied, ranging from running clinical trials, doing research on the nervous system, working in the field of biochemistry, and so on.


The participants were highly interactive, asking lots of questions  and participating energetically in the case studies. Moreover a strong social cohesion developed during the week manifested by spontaneous outings and collective dinners. 

As a cherry on the cake, one of the participants from Toulouse networked really hard and found herself hired for a job in a pharmaceutical company in Catalonia.


All of this has been a collective effort and could not be possible without the involvement of everybody, so feel very proud of the work done!

A special thank you to BioCat and to Sara Babic for excellent communication. 


Attached you will find the outcome of the participant questionnaire and as you will learn the event scored high. You can also consult the titles of the student presentations and we have attached the final programme


You can get visual impression of the event at the BioCat gallery on Flickr

Associated documents :
- student presentations
- feedback survey
- final programme