27-28 february 2014 :
TRANSBIO Sudoe workshops bring the reality of biotech companies closer to entrepreneurs & researcher (Valencia)



For two days, more than 30 speakers from France, Portugal and Spain attended the meetings


More than 30 experts on the biotech field coming from different regions from France, Portugal and Spain have participated during two days in the TRANSBIO Sudoe Workshops in Valencia, organized by InnDEA Valencia Foundation, which have taken place in the University of Valencia Scientific Park and the Research Centre Principe Felipe (CIPF).


The objective of these workshops was to bring closer the reality of the daily activity of biotech companies to those researchers and entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting up a business on the biotech field. They have also been addressed to technological transfer offices (TTOs), spin offs and investors interested in finding out the best practices that the Valencian Region offers for the creation and development of biotechnological companies as well as for those looking for information of locating and access to technology for biotech companies in any of the regions being part of the TRANSBIO Sudoe Project.


After the institutional welcome by InnDEA Valencia, CIPF, University of Valencia Scientific Park and Excellence Campus VLC/CAMPUS representatives, yesterday (Thursday 27th) was devoted to the study of regional field on best practices for the creation and development of biotech companies, introduced by a brief exposition of TRANSBIO Sudoe Projects made by his director, Remy Poupot.


Afterwards, a presentation providing an overview of scientific and university parks was held, with special attention to the testimony of entrepreneurs, including location and access to technologies (resources), knowledge (patents), space and talent. The General Director of Economy in the Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment Regional Ministry, Raul Martinez, a representative of TTO from University of Valencia (UV), Santiago Miralles, and the responsible for Development of Companies from Polytechnic University of Valencia Scientific Park, Adrian Escardino, also participated on the global overview.


Later, in a panel discussion, the participants talked about programs and roadmaps for Startups and Spinoffs.  Andres Alba, representative of Innovation Area on the Health Research Institute of La Fe Hospital in Valencia, moderated the talk. The co-founder and advisor to the company GemBiosoft, Ana Cidad, and the director of business development in Applicacell Biotech SL, Celia Martinez also participated in the round table. The session finished with the visits to the companies Imegen and Biopolis, both integrated on the Scientific Park from UV, in order to get to know their installations and experience from first-hand.


Housing and access to technology


The second day (Friday 28th) has been focused on a workshop about location for fast growing companies titled Location and access to technology for biotechnological companies, which has started with a discussion panel on experiences in housing business from Southern Europe’s university science parks. Pep Lluis Pons, representative of BIOIB has moderated this debate, in which the director of Business Development from Scientific Park of UV, Eva Alcaraz; representative of Phylum of Toulouse (France), Philippe Baralon, who talked on behalf of Toulouse Scientific Park; technical director of Scientific Services and Technology from Barcelona Scientific Park, Jesus Purroy; director of Technology Transfer at CIPF, Oscar Sanchez; and the leader of the BioPark project Sanofi R & D Richard Alonso, have participated in this discussion panel.


The next discussion panel was about the experiences of starting up, developing and needs of a new startup or spinoff (Phase I), moderated by the responsible for entrepreneurship and growth of Biocat, Carlos Lurigados, in which the representative of Centauri Biotech (Galicia), Luis Mariñas, the representative of CIRCE (Balearic Islands), Fernando Barrera, and the representative of Genosalut and BIOIB (Balearic Islands), Pep Lluís Pons, have also participated.


On the second discussion panel there have been several examples of the difficulties of access to technology and technology transfer process of biotech companies (Phase II), which has been moderated by Phipippe Baralon, representative of Phyllum. The director and co-founder of Polymer Therapeutics Solutions, Maria Jesus Vicent, and the representative of IVIOMICS, Julio Martin, have also participated.


On the third discussion panel the participants have talked about growth requirements (Phase III). Moderated by Oscar Sanchez, representative of Galchimia SA (Galicia), Jacobo Cruces, representative of ECBio (Lisboa), Helder Cruz, and representative of PROISER (Valencia), Carles Soler, have joined in.


This session has had also space for some visits to companies located in CIPF. These have been Polymer Therapeutic Solutions, Health Eugenia, Genometra and Oncovision.


Thereafter, the representative of Valencian Global Growth and IB Business Innovation, José Vicente Pons, has made a presentation of the needs and trends on the future of biotech companies, following Boston Model.


The technical session ended with a presentation of the opportunities that the new program, Horizon 2020, offers. The director of Innovation of InnDEA Valencia, Paula Llobet, moderated the chat, in which the general director of Projects and European Funds from Valencian Regional Government, Santiago Donat, as well as the director of Programms of the Biomechanical Institute of Valencia, Javier Ferris, participated.


Finally, the participants have joined in a networking lunch.