13-14 february 2014 :
Training sessions on platforms (Toulouse)

The next training sessions on platforms will be held in Toulouse, 13-14 February 2014.

This training will be dispensed through practical courses.

Four sessions will be proposed on different sites of MetaToul : the Toulouse Metabolomic Core Facility.

  1. Quantitative Metabolomic
  2. Global Metabolomic with 1H-NMR approach
  3. Global Metabolomic using High Resolution MS
  4. Lipidomic

Each session will be planned for four persons during 1 day and half (13-14th of February 2014).

REGISTRATION is now open until 31 January 2014, do not delay !

How to register:

1- Contact your WP3 local contact to verify your eligibility and obtain a financial support covering the travel expenses

2- Once your eligibility is validated, register directly to the person in charge of the session you are interested in:

Associated documents :
- Detailed program