1 january - 31 december 2014 :
Fundings in favor of the integration of Junior Researchers in Industry

A new TRANSBIO SUDOE initiative to support the integration of junior researchers in the industry.


To improve the permeability and the synergies between the academic world and the entrepreneurial world in the field of biotechnologies.


Eligible applicants:

  • Young doctors or post-doctoral researchers with a significant research experience
  • Between the date when the researcher defends his/her thesis and the date when he/she leaves for a post-doc course or comes back from a post-doc when he/she is more available
  • The targeted firms would be indistinctly start-up companies or established businesses in the sector of biotechnologies (healthcare, agrofood industry and environment)

Length, purpose and funding of the mission:

The placements in companies might last 2 to 4 months (exceptionally 6 months). The researcher being sponsored 50% by TRANSBIO and 50% by the firm.

The contribution of the junior researchers should be directly linked with their field of competence:

  • Introduction of a technology in the industry
  • An advising role on experimental and scientific strategies
  • An in-depth bibliographic analysis
  • An exploration mission
  • Putting a project together / applying for a "GRANT"


What will be taken into account for the selection process:

  • Scientific and technical merit of the proposed project
  • Trans-regional projects will be preferred over inter-regional partnerships
  • Relevance and adequacy of the partnership
  • Balance of the funded projects in the TRANSBIO regions
  • Availability of funds


How to apply:

Find attached below more details and the two application forms whether you are a junior researcher or a company. This sheet should then be returned to your WP3 local correspondent.

Associated documents :
- Detailed program & Application forms

1 january - 31 december 2014 - Fundings in favor of the integration of Junior Researchers in Industry
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