TRANSBIO SUDOE aims at promoting interdisciplinary and interregional research in the field of health & life sciences.
TRANSBIO SUDOE can provide mobility support (transport & accommodation) for scientists interested in setting up collaborative research projects.

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CARE-U: take control of your health whichever you are

Partner A Member : Galicia
Name of principal investigator : RODRIGUEZ
Firstname : Ricardo
Email :
Position : Staff
Affiliation Name : Campus Vida, Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS)
Road :
Postbox :
Town : Santiago de Compostela
Country : Spain
Partner B Member : Barcelona
Name of principal investigator : GONZALEZ
Firstname : Anais
Email :
Position : Staff
Affiliation Name : Vall d'Hebron Research Institute
Road :
Postbox :
Town :
Country :
Request for financial support 2 scientists for 2 days (Partner A to Partner B)
2 scientists for 2 days (Partner B to Partner A)
Request for technical support :
- Need of TTO's support to ease collaboration agreements :
- Need for identification of funding opportunities (regional, national, European) : Yes

Added value of the cooperation : People movement between neighbour countries is more frequent than between countries that don\\\'t share borders. Portugal, Spain and France, the SUDOE Region, constitute a geographical unit that shares some socioeconomic and cultural characteristics. At the same time, the same area holds diversity enough as for representing a perfect case study for a project that want to become a European reference in health development. TRANSBIO SUDOE can easily become the core for this initiative.

Summary of the proposal : Europe is about freedom, Europe is about security, is about wellbeing, quality of life, empowered citizens, Europe is about people. Europe cares about you.

CARE-U is part a reality, part a project proposal for the development of an inclusive, integrative and ubiquitous healthcare environment. It features an enabling technology allowing to capture and manage more of the information relevant for the management of the disease produced outside the clinical environment.

It is inclusive because it is rather simple to get access to the technology that enable you to get, stored, use and, if you want, share relevant information concerning the management of your disease. It will help each person to stick with his or her medication schedule, capture and process relevant physiological signals related with the most prevalent disorders, remember how much he or she has drink or smoke during the last week, and decide if they want to send this data out and get an alarm if anything goes wrong or use them just for self-awareness.

It is integrative because its solid rock foundation a middleware layer of Open Source Software aware of the huge relevance of interoperability and standardisation of health and disease self-management systems. CARE-U offers a new framework where any device or app can fit. We’ll also grow in contact with all major OSS initiatives founded by the European Union like Riskoss, OSSMeter, PROSE and Markus.

It is ubiquitous because we use portable non-stigmatising devices, aka smart mobile phones, commonly available for trivial communications purposes. Servando Platform and Openet are the solid rock foundation of this proposal.

We also want to move business one step further. An Open and Collaborative Conceptual Data Model will reply all questions related with the information needs of disease management. New business won’t rely on information silos, but on new added value applications that will increase confidence in mHealth. New knowledge will be added to ServandoPlatform by mean of added-value commercial service modules. There are two of them currently available: Monitoring Service Module and Questionnaire Service Module. New modules will be developed to evaluated quality of life linked to pharmacological approach in cancer therapy, to automatically delivery personalised prescriptions, follow up and promotion of therapy adherence or modification of doses based in remote patients feedback and tele-consultation.

Cost-effectiveness is the key of the future of the healthcare system. We must used as well as possible the resources we devote to help people to stay healthy as long as possible. We are currently able to more or less measure the cost of the system, let’s CARE-U to help us to measure citizenship satisfaction.

Europe is an enormous and diverse playground where we play the game. The award will be to enjoy much more happy and healthy years of life.

Santiago de Compostela, Spain, December the 6th, 2013

Ricardo RODRIGUEZ, Galicia
Anais GONZALEZ, Barcelona

CARE-U: take control of your health whichever you are
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